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Make a Donation:

The Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation thanks you for your generous donation. Our research, which began in 2012, was a direct result of your donations. Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient, but we’ll say it anyways: Thank you. Your gift gives so much more than money — it gives all of our families hope.

Here are ways you can donate:

1.  Make a donation on our online "MemberPlanet" fundarising Webpage - Click Here

2. Make donation directly at Ella's Bounce Extravaganza. Tables will be set up where you can make or drop off donations. Instruction will be available at the table to make a tax deductible cash or check donation

What is the Fund:

The Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Fund was first established in 2010 under the Winston-Salem Foundation in North Carolina.  Currently, the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation as become its own non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, filed by the law firm of Kilpatrick and Townsend, 2012-2013.

The mission of the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation is:

1. To fund research in Pitt Hopkins Syndrome so that more accurate knowledge can be attained by the scientific community about this condition and new treatment options explored and developed.

2. To raise and spread awareness of Pitt Hopkins Syndrome among families and medical providers to help simplify its diagnosis.

Currently there is too little information available about the syndrome to both families and medical providers and when this information is available is not sufficient, personal, or necessarily accurate.

Research Funded:

We want you to know where your donation goes! It goes directly to research into Pitt Hopkins Syndrome.
For specific details and information about the research funded, please visit the following web site:

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